Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt #21
"The Area Where You Do a Lot of Your Thinking"


Random Images

Last week when we got the assignment, I groaned out loud.  "Where I do a lot of my thinking...."  really?  These days I feel like I don't do any thinking at all.  I just react.  I just do what needs to be done by rote.  I just get through the days on auto-pilot.

Get up in the morning, check the wood furnace, clean out the litter box, take meds, check email, do dishes, vacuum, do laundry, pay bills, shop, cook, wash dishes, clean up cat vomit, put gas in the car.  None of which requires ANY thinking, of ANY kind.

So I was really stymied.  But then I remembered that when I'm in the car, I have a tendency to put my mind in gear and have a few thoughts--not necessarily creative or provocative, but thoughts, nonetheless.

So here you have a photo of "where I do a lot of my thinking".  Whew, glad that one is done.

Now for a couple of random images. Today was fairly warm and sunny.  I finally remembered I had these decals, so I forced myself out the door to put them on my car.  It's supposed to be a wintry mix tomorrow.  So this is my little taste of Hawaii in the midst of an upstate NY winter.

The other night I had to stop at the library and I had a friend with me who had never been to this particular library.  He was totally taken aback with how impressive it is--he grabbed his camera and started taking photos.  I took this one.  I love the graphic look of the scene.  Doesn't it look bright and inviting?  I LOVE libraries!

Only 10 more days till my surgery.  


trishalyn said...

Your wonderful post had me chuckling! :-)

I like how you solved this week's Scavenger Hunt. The flowers on your car look pretty, and I love the library image! You're absolutely right about the graphic look of the's really cool!

Nice job all around! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like the photo inside of the library. My eyes were immediately drawn through the image to the back of the scene where it appears to continue. The lights and rows of books, with the center 'block' is very interesting.