Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A few weeks ago I saw an idea online.  I can't remember if I was blog-surfing at the time or if it was something posted on fb.  In either case, it's been on my mind since then.

My take on it is this:

I labeled a large peanut butter jar with a label saying "Thankful Thursday Jar".  Each day I'm going to write down something for which I'm thankful that occurred on that day.  It won't have to be a huge thing--it could be something as little as finding a parking spot near the store entrance, hearing from a friend, finishing a good book, or it could be something big: coming into an inheritance, getting good news from a medical test, a son or daughter getting married.

The idea is to be aware of "being thankful" FOR all things and IN all things.

Every Thursday morning, I'll randomly pull out one of the papers and write a post about it, ideally with an accompanying photo.   I'll keep accumulating the papers so that by the end of the year, I'll hopefully have 365 things that I've been thankful for in the past year.

If I pull out one I've already used, I'll just pick another.  There are too many blessings to be posting about the same ones.

I'm hoping I can challenge others to do this too so we can share with each other, and any of our readers.  If you decide to join me in this challenge, when you leave a comment on my blog, be sure to leave the link to your blog or fb page so readers can go back and forth.  If posting about this once a week is too much for you, consider posting once a month, but be sure to write your "thankful note" each day.

I'm beginning this on Jan 1, 2013 and my first "Thankful" post will be on Thurs, Jan 10.
hmmmm, I think I'll even date the notes--who knows what this might turn into:  a book, a journal, a MOVIE, a Broadway play!!  I wonder if Sandra Bullock would be available to be me. hahahaha

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trishalyn said...

Ooooh...I LOVE your idea! Actually, I'm very THANKFUL for your idea!!! Count me in...I want to play, too! :-)

BTW...great "Thankful Thursday" image. Looks like you used your PAS fisheye setting? It's cool!