Friday, January 04, 2013

A Short Walk

This post is really more of an experiment than anything else.  I was playing around with the settings for my blog, and decided that I wanted to begin posting my photos in a larger format.

But here's the story behind the pic.

I'm supposed to be walking regularly.  But really, walking in the house is pretty boring even though my house is long and roomy.  Yesterday I put on my headset and listened to music while I walked for about 12 minutes, which made the process a little less objectionable.

Today is Friday, and every Friday several of the local people meet at the country store for breakfast. I knew the roads would be okay, so I walked up to the store this morning.  (It's only between .1 - .2 miles) Wow!!!  was it ever good to get out and get some fresh air.  

I was going to drive into town at some point so I could do some walking around the Mall.  I called the PT just to see how far/long I should be walking by now.  She said, "oh, maybe about 5 minutes, or as long as you can walk before getting tired".  hmmmm  I decided I didn't need to drive  20 minutes to and from the Mall, just to walk 5 minutes--which I had already done by walking to the store.  

Glad I saved myself the trip today, but believe me, tomorrow I'm breakin' outta this joint!   

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trishalyn said...

I LOVE the new look of your blog! :-)

Congrats on your walk to the country store. You're progress is just amazing. Keep up the great work!