Thursday, May 20, 2010


After entering my house through the back door this afternoon, I decided to go check the mail. As I stepped onto the driveway from the front door, I saw something move. The something was this snake. I would have said "eeeek!, but I'm not especially afraid of snakes. (If it had been a rat, that would have been a different story)

I don't remember ever seeing such a large snake in my yard before, so I was pretty interested to see what it would do. Naturally I didn't have my camera with me. I usually carry it most places with me, but really, just to get the mail...?

So I stood there for a minute or two, figuratively kicking myself for being empty handed. When the snake heard me (do snakes hear, or just sense??) it curled itself and just stayed in one spot. When it didn't move the entire time I was watching it, I thought it might be possible for me to get my camera and get back before it moved. If it was gone when I returned, it would have been one of those "oh well" moments.

So I stealthily sidled toward the house. The snake didn't move. Returning with the camera, the creature was still in the same spot. It almost seemed like it was waiting for me.
I took a couple of shots. Still no movement. "Aha, maybe I can get a little closer", I thought. So I scooted myself closer--the snake still made no effort to move away. It just continued to curl itself around and follow me with it's eyes as I walked around it.

Well, after about twenty shots, I decided I had taken enough.

I walked down to get the mail and left my cat rolling around on the rocks only feet from the snake. Neither seemed too concerned with the other. As I walked back, the cat meandered off into the bushes, and the snake was still there. I watched a little longer and then headed into the house, leaving the snake right where he was.

Very strange! Anyone know what kind of snake this is?


Bridget said...

you are so brave!
i am horrified just looking at these.
it looks dangerous!!!!

Anonymous said...

OOOO I agree with Bridget...I would have been screaming and running..I leave the room when they show them on TV..these photos were difficult for me to watch and when I think of you just standing and taking them..ewwwwww...I don't do 'creepy crawly things... sorry....Jean

philmary said...

i spoke with local hebreptologist and advanced rock climmer mitch hoffman about the idenity of this snake. he nailed it "does it have the white stripe on it's back..garter snake"