Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Train Crossing

On my way to yet another Little League game this afternoon, I got caught at a railroad crossing. Normally I get really frustrated at the delay that this causes, because just about three blocks away is a street with a bridge that goes over the tracks. I, however, in my effort to avoid the traffic that's usually on that street, choose to go the other way and cross the tracks. Most of the time it's okay, but once in a while, like this afternoon, I get stuck.

Today happened to be one of those days when I left the house with time to spare!! So when I heard the clanging bells and saw the guardrails go down, I just shrugged.

While waiting for the train to go by, which turned out to be a short passenger train (as opposed to one of those freight trains that is about two miles long), I realized I had the perfect opportunity to grab some shots with my camera--which serendipitously happened to be right on the seat next to me within easy reach.

I saw something that I've never seen before. The train stopped before it reached the intersection, a worker got off the train and proceeded to place some flares near the guardrails.

Then the train began moving across the intersection, ever so s...l...o...w...l...y...

Then I noticed a train on the other side of the intersection. A worker got off and motioned me around the railings and across the tracks. Very strange...

Then off to the Little League game.


trishalyn said...

I'm glad you had your camera sitting next to you...great capture of the train crossing! I enjoyed your story, too, which enhanced the appreciation of your images. Cool baseball shots as well!

Bridget said...

really like the moving train and the walking guard.
very clever framing of the baseball player!

philmary said...

like a lot of people i love trains so i liked your images.

i was shocked however about a trainguard flagging you through
that crossing with the gates down ,especially THAT crossing.I guess i am not aware off the whole situation.

great seeing every body at linda's house.it reminds me what a gift friendship is when it is so freely given .i just left a message at mayor thane's office asking her to call mvp about the pictures. it may take a while but she will get back

Framing Images and Memories said...

I really enjoy the last photo, through the fence/triangle. Very pleasing and evidence that you "see" beyond the obvious.