Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 12--The Big Bus!

Today was another hike. Up to Gleasman's Falls in the Utica area. It was a beautiful walk, about 6 miles round trip and not much elevation. The Falls were a little diappointing and there were no vantage points from which to shoot them, but the time outdoors, with good friends, today made it worth it.

However!! I seriously feel like I've been hit by a BIG bus right now. So no photos of homestyle trivia. These hiking images are all you get tonight.

This was the only other hiker we met on the trail today. Well...him and his dog. The poor thing was rescued from the shelter about 5 years ago, and even all these years later is still timid and afraid of people because of his abusive history. Looks like he's got a great home now, though.

Then, as per our tradition, we headed to town for an early dinner. This is one of the streets in the little town of Lowville.

This is as good as it gets today.


trishalyn said...

Sorry about the big bus thing, but glad you had such a nice day with your friends!

I enjoyed all of your favorites were the last two! Nice job!!!

Bridget said...

sounds like a very nice day !
i really like the 2nd image and who can resist the dog shot!

Anonymous said...

I sent one comment.bu thave no idea where it went..anyway..I loved the lush forest and the love between the man and his 'friend'...Also thought the village street was inviting...Jean