Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 25--Another one...

Last weekend I "dog-sat" for my daughter while she and her family took a vacation to Cape Cod, a place to which I've never been, by the way. Fortunately she lives less than 10 minutes away, and in the direction of the town I often go to for various reasons.

When I saw her tonight, she had a "thank-you" gift for me. I saw the box with a picture of a coffee mug on it, and I thought, "Oh no, not another one..." (I think I've mentioned before that I'm in the process of cleaning out the house, and I refuse to bring anything into it without taking something out of it in exchange.)

There are only two of us here now that the kids have flown the coop, and we're not big-time coffee drinkers, so probably 4 mugs would do the trick for us. My cupboard, however, has significantly more than 4 mugs and I keep vowing to clean that cupboard out.

But, let me tell you, when I saw the mug she had gotten for me, I was impressed. A color I love, a funky shape. Totally unique.

So, I will get around to cleaning the cupboard, but this new mug has a place reserved for it, no questions asked!


Bridget said...

very nice gift.looks hand hand and totally original.
i know what you are saying about cleaning out though.
it must be a middle aged thing.i have been at it for years and i have a ways to go!

trishalyn said...

A beautiful mug and a thoughtful daughter...you are certainly blessed!

Anonymous said...

This one is a keeper..so pretty and unusual..I too am getting rid of all the coffee mugs I had accumulated over the years..but have a couple I refuse to get rid of...I use them for tea....and hot chocolate in the winter...ummm....cozy feeling with a mug in ones hand during a snowy evening. J

Anonymous said...

Awesome Mug- Awesome Kid! Hehehe