Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 15--Friday at Amherst

Well, if there was any such thing as a human being acutally melting, that would have been me at Amherst on Friday. And yet, I know there are other places in the country that are dealing with much worse weather. That was small consolation though.

Anyway, I got registered, put my belongings in my hot, very hot room, met my friend and headed off to the new, and truly amazing dining hall on campus for lunch.

Three sessions in the afternoon and then dinner. Good grief--this dining hall was amazing. So many choices and with an atmosphere of an eat-all-you-can buffet. So I found the Asian bar, found the chopsticks and enjoyed.

After dinner we walked over to the campus center to do some "window shopping" at the vendor section, then decided it was time to head to class. Only, when we got to the door, this is what greeted us. I did have an umbrella with me this weekend. Sure did!! Tucked safe and secure in my suitcase back at the dorm. Hmmmm.

So we sat out the storm, hoping we wouldn't be too late to get into the next session. It was quite a display. Hard rain, much thunder and much, much lightening--very close, too close, thank you very much!

But the rain finally slowed down enough so that we could get to our session.

We were headed to the last session of the evening when it was dusk. Since the previous session I attended was about "Night Photography", I decided to grab a few shots on the way to the next building. Remember though, I only had my point and shoot, so these aren't really keepers, just practice. The green color in this next image is kind of funky, but I really like it.

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved the plate full of yummy food and I really like the second shot...Jean