Saturday, July 03, 2010

Day 3--Ordinary Things & and an Extraordinary Hike


Don't wait 8 years to clean the deck again!

We went to Cascade Pond for our hike yesterday. It was a spectacular day. Before arriving at the trailhead, our driver saw these folks on a lake and did a quick u-turn so we could photograph them.

About 1/2 mile up the trail we came upon a wooden bridge that afforded us this view.

Along the trail.

Cascade Pond is near Blue Mt. Lake. On the way home we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants in Indian Lake. After eating dinner, we headed across the street for dessert.

Happy Birthday, America!!!!


trishalyn said...

#1 (Ordinary Things) - love the lines...and your nice, clean deck!!! :-)

#2, #3 (Extraordinary Hike) - them both!!!

#2 - BOAT IMAGE...the water looks smooth and dreamy...terrific composition with the subject moving in a diagonal direction across the frame...just super!!!

#3 - SCENIC VIEW - rich, lovely the greens/blues...sharply focused, terrific composition with the rocks and foliage framing the lake...a spectacular image!!!

#4 - Interesting fungus!

#5 - Neat sign...and love the legs peeking out of the upper LH corner! :-)

#6 - Adorable...I'll take the middle one, please!

Wonderful post, Linda!!!

Bridget said...

yeah clean deck! nice image. the lines of the boards and the bight yellow of the scrub brush make a very pleasing pix.
your hiking photos are beautiful.
hard to choose a favorite but i think the boat pix is mine.
i'll have the 1st ice cream (has the most fudge :)

philmary said...

wow that amazing lady again ,,scrub it by hand? paid someone else to power wash it.