Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a Surprise!!

Many years ago an acquaintance, who was a pretty needy person, got a job selling Cutco knives.  To help him out, I agreed to let him do his schpeel on me for practice.  I had never, in my entire adult life, had good knives and I was so impressed with the product, I purchased a set from him.

Well, as I said, it was a long time ago--maybe, hmmm, 20 or so years.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  Lifetime in terms of sharpening, replacement, etc.  I never took advantage of that because I never again knew anyone who sold the product.  I LOVE THE KNIVES.  They are awesome, but after 20 years, they definitely needed to be sharpened.

One day I received a sale brochure and noticed that they had instructions and a "where-to" address if sharpening was desired.  I finally got off my lazy procrastinating butt, wrapped them, wrote out a check for only $9 (for 5 knives), and sent them off.  

They came back today.  Woot, woot!!

Now here's the kicker!  As I happily unwrapped them, I remarked to myself that some of them looked as good as new.  When my husband came in the house later, I gave him a heads-up that the knives were newly sharpened and that he should be aware of that if he decided to use them. 

He looked at the invoice, which I ignored when I opened the pkg, and asked why they replaced some of them.  I said, "they didn't replace them, they just sharpened them".  Here's the thing...they actually did replace three of them--NO CHARGE--not even an explanation on the invoice.  I guess it was the ones with the serrated edges.  What a surprise!

So!!  If any of you have Cutco knives and they need to be sharpened, go to the website for the address and don't delay.  If you don't have them and you're in the market for good knives, bite the bullet and purchase them.  You will never regret it.


~she~ said...

Wow...what a great surprise! I have one Cutco knife, same story. A kid in the church was selling them and we felt sorry for him. Being newly married, however, we certainly couldn't afford a whole set. I do love that knife but wish I had purchased a non-serrated one instead. Maybe I would love it even more if it was sharpened. I'll look into it!

trishalyn said...

We purchased a set of Cutco knives a few years help someone out. I had never had good knives and absolutely love them! Thanks for the tip...I'll check out their website! :-)