Saturday, October 08, 2011

Either,  Or

It was a stunningly beautiful day today.  Much more like our usual Fall weather than all the rain and cool conditions we've been having.  So . . . three grandkids in sports, three games to attend.

After putting the images on the computer and crying over viewing them,
I feel like I have only three alternatives left. 
EITHER I turn a blind eye to the results from the lens,  OR I:

1)  Stop trying to take action shots, 

2) suck it up, keep taking action shots and deal with the soft images I've been getting, or
3) get the new super-duper, very, veryvery expensive sharp lens that I want.

NONE of these are acceptable alternatives, although #3 is the most only desireable one.  Each time I get soft images like these , it drives me crazy, I mean, closer and closer to getting the lens.  They may not look too bad on the blog, but they aren't sharp, and the lens doesn't seem to get sharp images no matter what I do.  Okay, I'm whining.  I'll stop now.


trishalyn said...

As I viewed your images, I was thinking to myself "What great action shots!" Then I read what you thought of them, and thought to myself "What is she seeing?" I saw your beautiful grandchildren enjoying a gorgeous fall day...and you were there to cheer them on and capture the memories. Great job, Grandma! :-)

Robert J Near said...

Linda, Have to tested your lens on stationary subject with camera and lens mounted to a tripod, if sharp there it may not be the lens. I have found that you need to have your camera set to continuous focus and make sure you are using a high shutter speed when doing moving action photography. Also you may want to try a monopod if you are not using one.