Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've noticed lately that the number of "followers" for my blog has been growing, slowly but surely.  It's encouraging, but it has me curious as to why.  I mean, I began this blog about 5 years ago and have been pretty faithful about posting.  Along the way I've had a small group of "followers", but the numbers have increased at the slowest possible rate.  Well maybe not, maybe the slowest rate would be no increase in numbers.  So why now? 

Anyway, I began my blog the first time I went to Hawaii so that I could post images I took while there, so people back in NY (I was thinking about those in my church) would be able to see the pictures.  Well, as it turns out, the majority of them say they don't have time to look at my blog.  Okay--well, I wonder why they all said they couldn't wait for me to return so they could see the pictures I took? 
(and I won't even comment about that excuse cause I would certainly make some enemies).

When I discovered, about a year ago, that I could make books out of my blog posts, I decided to continue using the blog as an online, fairly superficial,  journal, you know, highlighting some of my daily activities and the sights I was seeing.  Maybe someday my children/grandchildren will enjoy reading through the books and get a kick out of my adventures.

But now that I have a few more "followers" and have read some of their insightful and profound blogs, I'm beginning to think I should be writing more philosophical, thought-provoking posts. Seriously, do I owe my readers more than a few pictures of license plates?


So in light of that, I went back to my archives and did some alternate processing on an image I made this past summer when a friend and I visited an abandoned quarry.

This is all you get today.  I'll come up with something a little more provocative another day...maybe.


trishalyn said...

I like your blog, just the way it is! :-)

Great shots of the old truck!!! I prefer the color image because it reveals more detail than the b/w. Nice job!

Framing Images and Memories said...

In this case I too like the color shot. Interesting subject.

Robert J Near said...

Linda, stick with the color image, if was me I would lighten up the truck to bring out details and darken down the surounding green foilage wit the B&W image. It looks like a simulated infrared B&W which for me does not work here.