Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Art Show

When I arrived back in town tonight, this is how the Glen Store looked.  It was only about 52 hours since the "takeover" and it has a new paint-job, a new porch, a new railing and a new sign.  I could see people inside being busy.  

The annual Hagaman Art Show was held this weekend.  I was completely blown away when a friend called to congratulate me for the 2nd place ribbon on one of my images.  I was even more blown away when I arrived there this afternoon and saw the other photographs on display.  They were great!  So the 2nd place award is much sweeter, knowing what my competition was.  Success definitely breeds motivation and enthusiasm.  On my way home from the art show, I was already thinking about which of my images I would submit next year.


trishalyn said...

Congratulations on your RED RIBBON!!! :-)

The Glen Store is looking great...thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Oh LInda...congratulations.well done..and I love the photo..would have loved to have seen your face when you saw the red ribbon...bless you
Also enjoyed seeing what has been done to the Country Store..looks great and still charming...sometimes they tend to 'change" the look of old places and it looses something...This is wonderful.

~she~ said...

Wow...congratulations! What was the category (if any)?

I need to seek out local photography would be fun experience!

Anonymous said...

Linda - Congrats - great photo!! Where are you hanging the ribbon? Julie