Friday, April 08, 2011

7 on the 7th

So my resolve to post 5 photos on the 5th of the month seems to fall flat more often than not.  I never even gave it a thought on the 5th.  So here I am, posting 7 images that I actually did take on the 5th, but forgot to post.  (the mind is a terrible thing to lose, and sometimes I think I need a grown-up to take care of me). 

So this past Tuesday morning, Betty and I decided to take a drive to the North Shore to have breakfast at Ted's Bakery.  It was very good and even though it was cloudy, we had the fun privilege of eating outside (of course it was impossible to eat inside because there weren't any tables inside).  Truly and honestly, we had a real breakfast, even though I thought it would be fun to forgo the healthy food and get right to the dessert.

On our way home (actually it was on our way to Haleiwa to get Shave Ice), we stopped at a few beaches just to see what we could see.  The surf was pretty good.

No images of us eating Shave Ice.  I left my camera in the car and all Betty had was her phone.  I'm not a fan of phone images. 


Anonymous said...

loved images #4, #5, #6.....

trishalyn said...

My favorites are #5 and #6...I couldn't stop gazing at them!

Please don't be so hard on yourself, least you remembered to shoot 5 on the 5th! :-)