Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Made It!" or "A Boy & His Dog"

So...I arrived back in NY today around noon, but only after:

1--having a blow-out arguement with the airline in Honolulu about the size of the
crate for the dog and threatening to call the CEO to complain
2--sitting in my connecting plane in Salt Lake City and watching it snow, for goodness sake
3--transfering to 6 different planes
4--going through security 3 different times
5--traveling for 42 hours
6--developing swollen ankles from so much sitting
7--drinking way too much coke on the planes
8--finding that my luggage did not arrive with me in Albany

When I make my own itinerary, I try to choose aisle seats.  Because I was rerouted on this trip, I wound up sitting next to the windows most of the time.  Except that I feel like a prisoner when sitting next to the window, I usually pull out the camera and amuse myself a little.  Small consolation, but it works.  How cool are these next three images?

We've had dogs through all the years that the kids were growing up, but for some reason when Caleb was in high school he began talking about how he couldn't wait to have "his own" dog.  His dream finally came true.  Kashimir made the trip from her home in Honolulu to her new home in Fairbanks with Caleb. 

Not the kind of image I'd be happy with normally, but considering I only had about 10 minutes (ok, maybe 20 minutes) to hug the boy, meet his new friend, get a "family portrait", get back through security, and get on my plane, I'm happy I got an image this good.  Fortunately the Fairbanks airport is about as big as an oversized postage stamp, so getting through security was pretty easy and quick. 

Oh yeah, by the time I got back to the plane, there were only about 3 passengers left getting their tickets checked, so I really did make it back "just in the nick of time." 

PS--I'm freezing


trishalyn said...

1) Lovely aerial images!
2) Beautiful family portraits!

P.S. - No whining allowed about our weather. You arrived home on the BEST, most BEAUTIFUL day we've had in MONTHS!!! LOL!!!!! :-)

P.S. #2 - Looking forward to seeing you! :-)

~she~ said...

That first airplane shot totally looks animated! You think THIS is cold? Ha!

blondevue... said...

The pictures are terrific from the air!
Glad that you made it back to New York, finally!
I all to well understand the "I'm freezing" statement! After being in Hawaii, anything below 72 degrees seems abnormally cold. :o)
It was wonderful to get to meet you! I love the blog!

Bridget said...

great wing shots.
love the pix of you and caleb.