Sunday, April 10, 2011


On April 2 I posted an image of a bird's nest with 4 eggs in various stages of hatching.  One baby was out of the shell, another was half out, the third egg had a couple of holes pecked through and the fourth egg was intact.  I had intended to post frequently throughout the process.

But, sad to say, the process hasn't been much to record.  First, two babies were visible, with the other two eggs still pretty much intact.  Next, the babies were still there, but the other two eggs were gone.

Then the two babies looked pretty pathetic, but they were breathing.  This morning as I approaced the nest I didn't see the mother fly off as in other trips to the nest.  There are still two babies in there, but the one on the bottom doesn't look good.  I can't detect any breathing, while the one on top, that you see here in th photo, is breathing well, but looks pretty unappealing.

So I'm wondering, where is mom?? 

On a lighter note, I saw this license plate the other day.  Funny that while living in Hawaii, she's still declaring that she's a "California Gal".


Anonymous said...

either an animal stole the eggs...or a human took them..either way when the Mother bird smelled the scent of the human or animal she just left the two babies and wont come back..therefore........they will just die....nature can be sad ....

Linda said...

I used to believe the myth about the adult birds smelling human scent, but it's just that, a myth. Birds don't have sense of smell.

I guarantee that no animal or human could have accessed the nest, so I believe that the mother is either a poor mother, or there was something wrong with the eggs to begin with.

Still sad--but nature takes care of it's own, you know, survival of the fittest.

Trisha said...

The bird story is sad but interesting.

I like the latest addition to your license plate collection. Any plans on what you'll do with these images?