Thursday, April 14, 2011


I found these 4 license plates practically next to each other in a parking lot tday.

Do you suppose the Lexus is his prescription?  His tranquillizer??  His happiness??

The plate below is on a van.  My interpretation is"
For da family (da=pidgen for "the" in Hawaiian).

So!! speaking of cars.  I filled my gas tank this afternoon.  Every time I fill the tank, I compute my gas mileage.  I did it again today.  Oh.    My.   Gosh!!!!  I got 6 miles/gallon LESS  this time.  Not only are they charging outrageous amounts of money for gas these days, but they're apparently diluting the gas somehow so we get less miles per gallon while charging us about twice as much.

Is anyone else out there upset by this???


trishalyn said...

Cute...and great additions for your collection! :-)

~she~ said...

I love your license plate pics! I got a good one on the way home from vacation I'm excited to post!