Thursday, April 21, 2011

8 days--Honolulu Zoo

Well, before I recount my experiences at the zoo, I have some thoughts to share. 
1.  I'm so amazingly tired by the end of the day that I can't even think about writing anything interesting, witty, thought-provoking, exciting, etc. on my blog.
2.  I recently ordered two books of my past blog posts and after reading them I realized that the posts I've been putting up lately are beyond boring.  See #1 above.
3.  Day by day I'm astounded at how wonderful blessings are mixed in with the things that depress me, and I'm so grateful for those blessings.
4.  When I put my photos into photoshop and really examine them, I wonder why I just don't throw the camera away.
5.  I wonder what I would do with myself if I did, indeed, throw the camera away.
6.  I only have 8 days left here and that depresses me.
7.  On the other hand, my calendar is dotted with interesting things I have scheduled when I return to NY, and that gives me something to look forward to.

I could go on and on.  Instead, here's the lowdown on my Zoo day.  I cleverly entered the zoo right around noon--high noon to be exact.  Now, that is definitely NOT the most  appropriate time to go to the zoo on a sunny, hot day.  The animals are lethargic, the sun beats down, and a good part of the zoo was "under construction", or the animals were not available.  In addition I wore sandals--big mistake.  Walking long distances in sandals makes my legs tired AND they gave me blisters so bad that by the time I left, I had to take them off and walk barefoot.  Well... maybe that wasn't so bad after all. 

Anyway, here are two photos that are somewhat redeemable, at least in tiny format.

When I'd finally had all I could take of the zoo, I walked across the street to the beach (happily barefoot all the way).  The surf was pretty active--usually it's not much on the south shore in the winter.  The water was a beautiful color, the surf was good, the sky was blue and the tradewinds were blowing, creating an almost perfect beach day.

"Ono" in Hawaiian means "delicious".  Great license plate.

When I leave here next week, I'm taking a detour to Alaska to deliver a dog to my son.  He was concerned about what size crate I would need.  The current owner already has a crate, but it's large and my son didn't think it would be allowed.  I contacted the airline. The crate will work.  I'm psyched.  See....small blessings are always mixed in with the other nonsense of life.  Thank God. 


~she~ said...

So funny that you're going from Hawaii to Alaska...two states I'll probably never visit.

Your pictures are always great. Don't throw away your camera.

trishalyn said...

Not sure how I missed this posting the first time...but glad I found it now. SHE is right...don't throw away your camera!

Enjoy your visit with Caleb!!! :-)